Celtic Cords

Traditional Handfasting Cords

  About Custom Colours

You may choose your wedding colours, or perhaps colours that symbolize something special to you both. I can work with you to create a cord which reflects your unique creative input to your wedding ceremony. 


Notice: I am on holiday until October 16th 2015, so all orders will be fulfilled on my return. Welcome to my weaving website, dedicated to the Crios, Ireland's colourful Aran Island sash which is traditionally used as a Handfasting Cord in Celtic wedding custom.

I have some ready-woven wedding cords available for sale or you may choose to have one custom woven especially for the occasion in colours that have a special meaning for you in your wedding ceremony.

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About Niamh The Weaver 

I am a weaver of the traditional Irish crios. I live in Ireland's beautiful Northwest and am one of only a handful of weavers in Ireland producing this heritage item. I am passionate about wool, weaving and heritage crafts and I absolutely love my work!